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Four Reasons SEO is an Ongoing Process

If you own a business website, you have probably implemented some search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. In fact, you may have partnered with a digital marketing agency to help you in running an SEO campaign as you realise the importance of these steps in bringing more traffic and higher conversion rates to your site. But, these efforts are only the beginning of what must be an ongoing campaign. Here’s why you must pursue SEO over the long-term:

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Google has Dynamic Algorithms

As you start your SEO campaign, it should be based on Google’s latest algorithm. This algorithm determines how the crawlers of Google read, index, and rank your site pages. Thus, you need to optimise your pages with their criteria in mind to rank well in search results. But, Google changes its algorithm constantly to deliver higher quality and more relevant content based on search queries. Thus, what could be relevant now may no longer be in the near future in terms of your SEO efforts. That is why you must hire a provider of seo in singapore that can stay updated of such changes and tweak your SEO strategy to account for them.

SEO Strategies Change

There is also constant change in the field of SEO. For example, as the impact of social media on possible customers has grown, SEO strategies have been changed to adapt to these changes. If you don’t engage in ongoing SEO, you may be stuck in ineffective and outdated strategies that do not produce the results you need. Also, the need to use new SEO strategies is important as your customer base is changing. You must keep track of how these people come to your site, the keyword they use, and what they are looking for when they get there. This will help you adjust your SEO strategy to keep your customer base engaged with your brand.

SEO Takes Time to Produce Positive Results

No matter how great your initial SEO efforts are, you cannot improve your SEO rankings and conversion rates right away. By its nature, SEO is driven by an organic growth of quality content, links, and brand building which all take time and effort.

You Need to Produce Fresh, Original Content

Your site’s content can only be beneficial when you keep it updated. Visitors who visit your site won’t stay if you have outdated information. That is why your ongoing SEO efforts must include ongoing content creation.